Saturday, September 26, 2009

All in a day's work...

What a busy day! 8 dozen cookies, 1 cake, 3 dozen cupcakes... 

My 'Uncle' Paul made me this SWEET lightbox to photograph my cupcakes! I am so excited and so blessed! Thanks Paul!

I'm still learning how to use it... but doesn't this look better already?

Speaking of blessed, one customer brought me a bushel of Mcintosh apples from her apple tree! Wow! I munched on one immediately and it was sooo sweet and delicious. Tomorrow Marmie and I are going to whip up some apple treats... stay tuned!

Yesterday I started baking, and then disaster strikes!

Oh Coffee Toffee! Why do you fail me now? 2 dozen flopped cupcakes! 
But you know what my motto is... 'When life sinks your cake, make cake balls.'

And then... tweak your recipe! The cupcake in the lightbox is the new and improved Coffee Toffee Swirl! 
I made a dozen Coffee Toffee and a dozen Hint of Almond for a family whose son is heading to Iraq after this weekend. It was especially an honor to bake for someone serving his country in this way. Thank you!

Here's a party platter from Thursday that I'm now listing on my new brochure (e-mail me at if you would like a copy of the new brochure!) that has 2 dozen chocolate dipped cookies and 2 dozen cake balls.

It's Kate's second birthday, so I made her this 6" Whinny-the-Poo cake and a dozen specialty cupcakes. She is the youngest with three older brothers, and her parents call her their 'little spot of pink in a sea o blue.' And so these cupcakes are just that! 

Today is also the first anniversary for one happy couple. So I made them a dozen of these sweet heart cupcakes.

And finally, 8 dozen cookies for a house warming. 3 dozen chocolate chip, 3 dozen peanut butter, and 3 dozen sugar. 

What a day! I hope your was equally sweet.

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