Thursday, September 3, 2009


I truly believe that joy must be sought out. It just doesn't come naturally, at least not all the time. But there is joy in the little things! We can mourn yesterday and fear tomorrow, but we should always celebrate today.

...cake helps :)

Today I'm finding joy in red nail polish, dancing squirrels, and sugar-covered smiles. I love being in such a happy business! These are photos from a cake delivery a few weeks ago. If I make you some cake/cupcakes/etc., send me a photo and you can be a blogstar!

Three exciting things happened today: I had an interview and photoshoot to have As You Wish appear in the Insider for the Courier in a couple weeks! I'm excited! It's not often that I appear in a newspaper and not be the byline!

I also tried a new recipe for Pistachio cupcakes. (Yumm!!!! My new favorite)

What should I name them?

I also made these gumpaste music notes as my dear friend and neighbor (and my piano teacher, llama whisperer and prairie expert) is starting up her fall season of teaching piano. They'll be the toppers for cupcakes for her students.

I hope this brought a little joy to your day. Go out and celebrate!

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