Sunday, August 30, 2009

Name The New Recipe!

Thought I'd start off with a picture of my first homemade confetti cupcakes! Confetti cake was always my favorite growing up.

But my highlight for the weekend was this three-tier flower cake! My table was covered in leaves and flowers all week.

Learned one sad lesson. See these bags full of two days' work of gumpaste flowers and leaves? Turns out that even after they've dried, putting them in ziplocs make them soften and mush together! Ach! Fortunately I found out with enough time to save most of them.

Put some gumpaste violets on some flower wire to have a 3-d effect.

With this cake, I tried using cardboard and dowel rods to help support all the layers. I loved the result! Never going back :) The bottom layers is almond and the upper layers are chocolate.

When it came time to attach the decorations, I wasn't sure what to use. I assumed corn syrup would work, the adhesive I use for fondant on fondant, but it didn't work for the gumpaste! Fortunately, Google is much smarter than I am, and I found out that mixing Meringue Powder and water works!

Two hours later...

I had a blast making this cake for my good friend Holly.

With some leftover cake and fondant, Marmie made her first fondant cake! So cute!

Today I tried a new recipe! Chocolate, toffee, and coffee are involved. So what should I name them? Mocha Toffee or Coffee Toffee? (Say Coffee Toffee ten times fast. Hehe!)

Mocha Toffee or Coffee Toffee? You decide! Leave me a comment below!


  1. I like coffee toffee..... Maybe even Coffee Toffee Mocha??? Whatever the name, they are scrumptious!!!

  2. My votes for Coffee Toffee--I like the sound of that! Everything looks so wonderful. You're doing a great job!

  3. Coffee Toffee does sound cool but I really like Mocha too so I think I like the Coffee toffee mocha. They do look wonderful!

  4. I like the sound of Coffee Toffee. Makes us coffee drinkers drool! Love looking at the photos you post!

  5. Coffee Toffee totally!

  6. Coffee Toffee, it's just fun to say!!
    Your treats looks SO good!!!!

  7. Coffee Toffee Swirl. Just because I like three words better than two. And then I'd like to have one, please. :-)

  8. Coffee Toffee for the win! I'm still so jealous of you living my dream job...baking and being paid to do awesomesauce. Made with 100% real awesome.

  9. Coffee Toffee sounds great--hope you bring one along this weekend. Then will give a final opinion.

  10. Honey Bunches of Oats!!!! Thank you for making the most beautiful cake in the whole world!! It was amazing! Everyone raved about it. I bragged you up good! Not only was it gorgeous, but delicious too!
    By the way, me who is not a coffee drinker thinks that your Coffee Toffee Mocha cupcakes are AWESOME!! Totally to die for! Bravo!