Saturday, October 3, 2009

Giraffes, Buglarian, and Sushi

Possibly two of my favorite cakes ever today! This one says Happy Birthday Dessy in Bulgarian. How cool is that?! Sigh... I love my job.

And this is Mr. Giraffe for Elijah's first birthday.

So here's how I made Mr. Giraffe: 2- 13X9" pans, one square, one half-circle, and three mini-cupcakes.

The circle, square, and two cupcakes made the head.

 Here's the head after carving... yummy scraps!

Then I layered and carved the 13X 9"s to make the body. Frosted in yellow/orange buttercream and decorated with fondant, and tada!

Today my brother R and sister-in-law M came over for lunch.

Sushi!!! Yum!!


Other than that, it was a cloudy day that lent to sleepiness and puppy naps.

Sweet old Sumo sleeps quite a bit during the day, but one look at him greeting the sunshine in the morning and I'm so thankful he's here.

Little Sophie is a pill who likes to jump in people's cars... (Be warned: if you come, shut your doors unless you don't mind this furry visitor!)

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