Friday, February 5, 2010

Big News!!

WOW is it really February already?!
My good friend Di tells me that the Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day. How cool is that? But I can't believe it's only a week away. Which means I have some explaining to do for being gone...

I moved! 
Back to the books this semester. My adviser informs me that I will still be able to graduate next spring, so my adventurous semester off starting As You Wish hasn't affected school at all. My plan was to put As You Wish on hold as I transitioned back to school, and maybe pick it back up in the summer or after graduation, but...

I can't stop baking! 
Here's my new kitchen. My roommates (Roomie A, Roomie K, and Roomie M) are SO sweet and let me bake all the time :) Thanks ladies! 

SOOOO.... As You Wish is BACK!! New Location: IOWA CITY!!!


Thank you, Lindsay for sending me this recipe for Almond Joy Cupcakes! YUMMM!!!!


The chocolate cake was lighter than air. So good. I might work on combining this recipe to improve my chocolate cupcakes... 


The coconut filling tastes just like the addicting candy bar. Oh goodness. These might be trouble.


The chocolate frosting is a thick chocolate ganache, not buttercream, but it is extremely rich and delicious!

I won't be adding these cupcakes to the menu, but I hope you have fun making them!

Roomie A approved :)

Sorry for my long absence! I hope you all have had a wonderful couple months. Let me know how you're doing! Leave me a comment or write me an e-mail at 

Stay tuned!

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