Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making me smile...

Meet Sophie.

Despite her quirky sleeping habits, Sophie is more often to be found jumping up and down, chasing after a ball, or jumping into a car whose door was left open for more than two seconds. Last time she sat in the parked car for an hour and a half before getting out. You can't help but smile when Sophie's around!

Sophie and "Grandpa" Sumo (right) love walking out in the back field every day... But normally, sweet Sumo likes to sit in the living room and watch me bake.

And Oh, Chai! I found a divine new recipe for Chai cupcakes with Chai Spice Frosting. YUMMMM!!!!! Absolutely heavenly with coffee!

Mom brought home a book on sculpting clay full of these cute little creatures! I copied them using fondant, and they're so fun. I can't wait to make a cake with them sitting around the tiers!

Unfortunately, my first attempt at an elephant flopped. Thus, he promptly turned into a pirate.

On the menu this week:
-250 cake balls for a wedding
-1 themed 50th birthday cake
-Bridal shower cupcakes

Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome looking cake decorations. Can't wait to eaat them! Also, I can vouch for the chai cupcakes that they are indeed delicious. I think they taste more like cinammon cupcakes. Yummy!
    Your unbiased dad...