Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a Day!

It's sure been busy around the house today! On the agenda: two trays filled with cupcakes, danishes, and cake truffles to be delivered to Dad's work and Reata'z Deli+Market, a really sweet cafe/deli where you may be finding As You Wish treats in the near future!

First up, cake balls!

Here's the cake truffle mixture ready to be scooped and frozen...

Then dipped and ready to go!

While letting dough for Almond Danishes rise, I popped another batch of Chai cupcakes into the oven. These sure make the house smell good! Next I want to try smaller, individual-sized Almond Danishes.

Yesterday I made some more little animals! They're so fun. I've got to say that the panda is my favorite.

Marmie and I made our first photo-box to take pictures of the cupcakes when they're done. Extremely high-tech as you can see!
Took a few pictures to try it out... I'll still have to play with lighting and color-correcting, but here goes!

Mister Panda and flower cupcakes . . .

. . . and a Chai Spice cupcake. Note the nice, swirly, behaving frosting. That cute little curl lasted.... until I stepped out the door! By the time I got to Reata'z the frosting had melted all over! Ach! I'll have to fix that problem...

Here's mom's bear face. So cute!

Here's the big tray ready to go off to Dad's workplace! And while I was there I got another birthday cake order for Friday--a computer cake!
That'll sure be fun. Stay tuned for that one!

And here's the tray I brought to Reata'z for the tasting appointment today. Sounds like a real win-win situation and another step for getting As You Wish on its feet! (I still can't believe that Chai frosting melted everywhere. Argh. Ever have moments like that? At least it still tasted good! Thanks for your patience, Shannon!)

One of my favorite parts about As You Wish is the delivery! I just love bringing a little sweetness to people's days. I hope this brings a little to yours! Stay tuned this week for two birthday cakes, surprise cupcakes, wedding shower cupcakes, and 250 wedding cake truffles!


  1. Look at you. You're already a business woman and gaining business. I'm so proud and not one bit surprised at what you can and will do. You're a rockstar

  2. Very nice. Love your cake and cupcake decorations. (Aliya)