Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Cupcake Record!

This last weekend was a busy one! I had a topsy-turvy cake order and my family reunion on Saturday. It was my first time using wire decorations, but I like it!

With my leftover fondant I covered that baby topsy-turvy I had baked. Kinda cute! The kids at the reunion loved it. I couldn't help but smile when they came up and asked me if they could eat it!

I also made two Oreo cakes: one out of brownie and ice cream (a big hit! Had to keep B2 from sinking his teeth into it!) and one out of white cake with frosting.

I also made some chocolate cake balls. I get to crumble cake with my bare (very clean) hands. How great is my job?? :)

Here's the table at the reunion!

Monday I made cookies and brought a tray up to Mal's school for the teachers.

Yesterday and today I had two identical cupcake orders. Set my own baking record of 48 cupcakes in one hour this morning! Woohoo!

Decadent Chocolate Chip
with chocolate buttercream and mini oreo

Chai cupcakes
with Chai Spice buttercream and Teddy Grahams

Almond cupcakes
with vanilla buttercream and wafer cookie

During my breaks, I'm cranking out gumpaste leaves and flowers for a three-tier for Saturday! Stay tuned! I'm really excited for this cake!

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