Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Day To Celebrate

Today was a full day! I worked over 9 hours in the kitchen today. And it's all in preparation for tomorrow! I have three cakes for tomorrow. I got to try out my new oreo pan, which was fun! I didn't like the look with the white cake because it browned... but it will taste good! I made another one with brownies which will be better!

I made just a LITTLE too much cake batter... and so I made cakes for a baby topsy turvy...

...and 62 mint-chocolate chip cake balls.

I love trying new recipes, and I'm excited to see what these taste like dipped in chocolate! They look like keepers for now!

I also baked three tiers of decadent chocolate cake for a topsy turvy tomorrow. I used a heating core for the first time and loved it! It helps the cake bake evenly across. So nice!

Made a double batch of fondant. There's a lot of recipes online but I prefer the ones that use marshmallows. I've probably made 10-15 batches of fondant, and I still learn more each time. But what I've learned from the start is that fondant is messy!

I also learned to dye it right away, otherwise it takes forever! It takes a LOT of food dye, too.

At this point, you can roll it out and get a marbled effect. This decision is a whole lot more appealing after 5 minutes of kneading. Be sure to keep adding Crisco to keep the fondant from drying out.

But keep going, and voila! Beautiful color! Do you see an elephant?

After it's dyed, wrap it in saran wrap and keep it in an air-tight container overnight. Tomorrow I'll roll these out to decorate the topsy turvy.

Split and frosted the cake layers, and carved them slightly so they have a tilt.

Then covered it in chocolate ganache. This will be the adhesive for the fondant tomorrow. Think there's enough chocolate in this cake?

And now I leave it to set overnight. Whew! I'm excited to decorate it...

The only bummer about being in the kitchen all day is that it was SUCH a beautiful day out! Sophie and I took a break and went to visit the neighbor's cows.

Take some time to celebrate the day!

Until next time!

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  1. Hello my friend!!
    I so love to see photos of what you've been working on. An artist at work! Thank you for sharing, it's such a delight! So love the photo of your shadow jumping to celebrate the day. It brings joy to my heart! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Love you so.